Misty Watercolor Memories

I follow pop culture pretty closely. Sometimes I can feel my brain rotting from too much Access Hollywood and In Touch Magazine because those are definitely beyond “following” and more along the lines of
I live for seeing what Gwyneth wears to yoga”. I don’t really have to see the lists of every unconventional celebrity baby name that was given this past year with photos, the name of the Hollywood obstetrician that delivered them and what gifts good friend Kathy Najimy bought to welcome it to this world. It’s safe to say I measure my life in pop culture. I can hear a song and tell you when it came out not by year, but by what grade I was in. And sometimes I force this on other people too – I think I’m being helpful but it probably just comes across as unnecessary. Luke is two years older than me, but if we are discussing when The Cranberries “Linger” came out, I will say “I was a freshman so it was your junior year of high school” because obviously that’s how people should measure things. It was 1993, by the way. It’s more than just referring back to a grade I was in, my adolescence was shaped by these things. Like when I think of Metallica’s Black Album I think of my brother going to college right when I started high school. “Groove is in the Heart” means seventh grade dances. I pretty much have a set list from every year of my life and when I hear songs from it, the memories flood right in. I realized in college how uncool I was because I didn’t come to campus with tons of underground bands in my CD collection or even knowing the difference between ska and emo and rockabilly. I have definitely been schooled, but I realize that I didn’t care about being indie and underground and off the radar. I want to recognize songs on the radio and be able to think back to a certain time when I was younger. I am certain that if I were considered cutting edge, none of the stuff I cared about would be snidely referenced by Michael Ian Black on I Love the 80’s, there aren’t as many jokes to make about bands no one knows. On Trio maybe, but certainly not on Viacom networks. I don’t watch TV and listen to music JUST to create memories for myself. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t make several pop culture references in one day… or sentence. But it does make me feel a little bit better and gives some of my knowledge a nicer context, the fact that I am sentimental about it all. I guess that just counterbalances the fact that I know so much about Gigli and never even saw the movie.

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