My Life In Politics: Part II

Lest you think I was a partisan child, I will have you know I wrote the Reagan’s twice while Ronald was in office. The first time, I’m sure I wrote a pleasant letter because weeks later, I received the standard informative booklet about the three branches of government. A decent gift but a let down because my sister, always the smarter one, sent Ron jellybeans when he was elected and got an actual letter back from him thanking her. I tried writing again, only this time I was a little more straightforward when telling him what I wanted. My parents were wise enough to know that a) nothing would probably come of that letter and b) I would really appreciate this letter when I got older, so they never sent it. I can’t thank them enough and I also want to say that seven year old Liz was not nearly as passive aggressive as twenty-something Liz because she told it like it is.
She called the first family by their first names, told them what she expected out of them, and was a little abrasive. I wish I knew her, she sounds fun.

Ronald and Nancy
I already wrote to you before.
I already got one of those booklets maybe you can probably give me something else. If you’re giving something else?
Im in third grade. Im 7 years old too. I have a father who is a minister we live wright next to our church. Its really neat. I know you probably think Im young to be in the third grade I have lots of friends. I play soccer too I love games
(Ron needed to know that it was time to turn over the page and I was going to make it very clear)
Schools pretty good my teachers name is Mrs. Cahill shes really nice BYE.
Elizabeth Black
429 Central St.
Acton, MA 01720

[This is where I drew a picture of an envelope addressed to me with my address and a stamp on it with a return address of the White House. Ron and Nan were GOING to write back, maybe they just needed me to show them how.]
Since the letter never got sent, I never heard from them. I was a little disappointed, but not as disappointed as I was to get that boring booklet about the US Government the first time around.

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