Haiku Television

Answer key at the bottom if you don’t know what (possible cancelled and irrelevant) shows I’m talking about. 10 Haikus=170 syllables of genius, people.

Coffee, Yale and boys
Mother and daughter best friends
Kirk is so creepy.

Cries in every show
But looks good while kicking butt
Vaughn is a hottie

“My Carrie Necklace!”
We should all be so lucky
To shop at Dior.

Can things possibly
Get any worse for these kids
In San Francisco?

These old ladies have
Filthy minds but boy, they sure
Do love their cheesecake.

Meryl as a man!
Episode Three made me cry
Gays have it so tough.

He;s too nice for her.
Is it just me or do they
get on your nerves too?

SJP needs a
hot oil treatment here. But soon
enough, she’ll be huge.

How do I know it’s
the last joke of the morning?
It’s taped to the desk.

Enough already
with the flashbacks and saunas.
Ashley Judd’s big break.

Gilmore Girls
Party of Five
Golden Girls
Angels in America
Mad About You
Square Pegs
The Rosie O’Donnell Show

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