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My Very Own Donna Chang Moment

Call it ignorance, a bad assumption on my part or just one more way Larry David has influenced the world’s collective unconscious, but today I had a Donna Chang situation on my hands.
My boss was expecting a guest this morning, last name Csan. Was it so stupid to assume she would be Asian? I don’t know what the ethnic origins of a name like Csan would be, but I assumed wrong because when I went to the waiting room and was faced with a white, blonde woman I almost said to Mia “I thought Mrs. Csan was here?”
Needless to say Ms. Csan didn’t impart any Eastern philosophies on any of us on this day, but she did help us clear up a sales tax issue.
“He who pays 8.25% pays too much” said Ms. Csan. To which I replied “In Bed”.