Burrito Aficionado

Burrito Aficionado: If It’s Not A Burrito You Can Fajitabout it! Magazine is taking the world by storm, and as its Editor-In-Chief, I would like to introduce you to some of our favorite features!

Something to Guac About a.k.a. the Guac Box: A sounding board for our readers to inform us of innovations and new technologies employed to help build and enjoy a better burrito.

Whats the (Quesa)Dilly-o? ..So you like your food flat, eh? This section is filled with recipes, helpful hints and urban legends about the cheese and tortilla sandwich.

Nacho Mama…Burrito Aficionado’s version of Wednesday’s Child. Where ‘rito lovin’ parents can browse for a less fortunate taquito of their own.

Asada from That, Mrs. Lincoln…One thing Burrito Lovers also love…Theatre! Our resident Broadway babies review their favorite shows of late. In this issue “Phantom of the Opera”…more like “Flan-tom of the Opera”–Looks great, but no substance!

Back Page with Bruce “Who you callin’ Gordita” McCall

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