Search words are easy

I was recently looking on the admin page to this very site you are reading and came upon the list of search terms people plug in to find this site. Before I tell you some of the terms though, let me just say that I can’t even get this site to come up when I google “whoisliz”, “Liz”, “Black”, OR “awesome”, so I have no idea how search engines function.

Anyhow, some of my favorite search terms that you, my gentle readers, have been using are (and I’m not making these up and didn’t even realize that I had written these word combinations):

newsies printable sheet music that doesn’t cost anything I love that someone was searching for this in the first place. Detective Liz says broke musician with love for musicals about periodicals was sorely disappointed when they found this site.

seth meyers jewish interesting

the notebook movie how does it relate to aging a topic I have written several dissertations on with an emphasis on how Gena Rowlands hair is so damn full.

kelly preston and maroon 5 if my site comes up when people google these guys, I am just befuddled. stars of this caliber deserve thousands of sites devoted to them!!

pictures of deformed babies stranger than fiction look, is something I don’t normally share with the general public but if you’re gonna search for it, it’s there.

jeff hiller what is that all about? get your own site, hiller.

crazy things happen all the time david this generation’s “what’s the frequency kenneth?”

eric nies salary I didn’t realize I had written an entry about minimum wage earners. Heyoo!

frenchie davis headshot Frenchie and I are bonded for life in cyberspace and in articles about small kitchens, what can I say?

jon foss single someone has the hots for JF!!!

wire sculpture karate well now this is just weird. i did a wire sculpture of the Karate Kid in my sculpture class in college. so it’s either a weird coincidence or someone out there is totally stalking me! nice!

keshia knight pulliam in her underwear EWWWW! Someone wanted to look at Rudy Huckleberry in her underpants! WHat is wrong with people?

serena southerlyn fired from law and order on 1/12/05 Two words. Les. Bo.

difference between ska and emo Alex Trebek says: What is..a backpack? Also acceptable…”black framed glasses” or “horn section”.

luke ward and lorne michaels TWO people queried these terms. Does Luke have a secret identity?

blacklover for white wife I admit it. This was a search I performed myself.

rockefeller center jenga model wha?

i love british people american so do i you. so do i. you.

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