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I don’t mean to Braga, I don’t mean to boasta

If there are two things I love, they would have to be ABC’s Wednesday night hit show Alias and the Spanish language. Imagine how happy I was when last night’s episode was more bilingual than La Isla Bonita. And if I do say so myself, I am loving Nadia…sometimes I even find myself thinking, wow, Nadia is Syd’s more fun and exotic and mysterious other half and Syd seems kind of like a strict schoolmarm with those suspicious glances she throws Nadia’s way sometimes. I am still in love with Jennifer Garner though so don’t start sending me letters. I’m not a traitor, just a fan of half sisters fathered by your mortal enemy who is also your boss.

Oh, also, if there’s a third thing I love, it would have to be Sonia Braga, a.k.a. Miss Westlake, who occasionally also does business as The Dragon Lady. The Dragon Lady tormented Theo and Cockroach with harsh discipline during math class but ultimately taught them a life lesson that even when the teacher is out on maternity leave, it’s never cool to bust out the boom box and breakdance on top of a desk. Because, well, when the Dragon’s away, the students will play…and get reprimanded by Cockroach who at that point starts doing business as Walter.

Sonia Dragon Westlake was on ABC’s Wednesday night hit Alias last night as an Argentinian Miss Hannigan with less booze on her breath. She was running a little Casa de los Spy Babies and was taking care of Nadia before hightailing it to Portugal and meeting Vaughn (wha? too many forced connections in this episode. Does Craigslist have a section for that? Forced Connections?). And by the time all that was over the scenes from the next came on and made me so excited. Syd David Blaine’s it up next week by being stuck underground in a box. I really hope she gets stuck on top of a flagpole in the middle of Bryant Park at some point this season, that would make me happy.