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Got Hydrogen Dioxide?

Boy is it ever warm! I love it. Weather like this makes me happy that iced coffee and margaritas exist. I love me some beverages that are cool and refreshing but secretly will dehydrate you! Which is why I have a giant bottle of water at my desk today, because I know I need to keep hydrated and in peak mental form for when I go see Spamalot tonight. Yay!

Uh Oh! Pun alert! I bet tonight I will have a lot of…Idle time on my hands! hahaha! You are cringing but you love me!!
Back to the real issue here. H2 the Izz-O. I don’t often read those free morning daily papers they hand out at the subway but everytime I do something awesome is in there that I need to share. Today in Free Unnamed Morning Daily that is not Metro there was an article about why you should drink water. Did you know that there is a campaign to get people to drink more water, “Why Water?”? It’s the more theoretical and less mustachioed version of “Got Milk?”. That’s fine and everything but I mean, if you’re alive chances are you’re drinking water right? Since, you know, you can’t survive without it.

The best part of the article in Unnamed Free Morning Daily that is not Metro is the part where the author suggested his own ways to drink more water in case ye are of the yellow pee pee. He points out that many people are not fond of water because it has no taste. Sounds like water and Star Jones have a lot in common (oh, to have a rimshot). Is this really a problem? I never knew people do not like water because it has no taste. The author suggests mixing one part water with two parts juice to handle this situation. This is an actual suggestion in this newspaper. It reminds me a lot of when I was six and wrote a cookbook…

Ingediants: Ten Marshamllos, 2 C. Suggar, One Candye bar. Mix in big bowl, bake at 450 dgreees 3 hours or till tootpick comes out cleen. Eatt.

I have perfected my recipe for Candy Surprise over the years, but I feel like Juice Water will be a little hard to improve. He also suggests using a Brita to make water taste better. If this guy can get paid for writing suggestions like this, maybe a hardcover version of “Elizabeth Ann’s Resipees that Tast gud” has a chance after all. Anyway.