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Anagrams? Acrostics? whatever

What are those things called where you take each letter from a word and make a poem out of them? Amy was asking me and I said anagram even though I know that’s not right. Anyway, I made up two just now because I’m very deep and poetic and also because Amy forced me to do them for her. Yes, I was bullied into doing her homework.
Let’s get together this afternoon at your place.
I said to my friend
Zooey. When I got there her

Brother Franny had just gotten out of the tub. He had a
Long day and needed to relax.
“Are you okay” I asked him.
Crying, he said, “yes, I just dont like having so many people in the bathroom”.
Kindly, I handed him a towel and left him to dry off.

And then Amy held me at verbal abuse-point and made me do one with her name.
“Are you going to eat those sesame sticks?” I asked
My hot friend Liz.
“Yes, that’s why I bought them. I’m hungry” she said.

Right then our friend Jeff arrived to tell us
He got a job.
“Oh wow” we said at the same time because sometimes we think the same thing simultaneously.
“Do you get paid for that” I asked. I was jealous,
Every time I am hungry or broke my friends always rub it in my face.
“Seven hundred dollars,” Jeff said, and then I made him take me to dinner.