Thank you TLC. For Paige Davis, A Baby Story and now…Feral Children

Amy and I were watching TV on Sunday when we happened across “I have an 84 lb. Baby” on TLC so of course we were riveted. What is even more riveting is that the parents of the 84 lb. kid were British….impressive that they were using pounds at all. I guess the title would be less impressive if it was like “My baby is 4 stone, wouldn’t you say guvnah?”

But that is what began the Real People are so Gross Crisis of August 21, 2005. Following the 84 lb. pituitary case was “I am my Own Twin” about people born with two sets of DNA, sometimes born hermaphrodites, sometimes born with checkerboard YOU HEARD ME I SAID CHECKERBOARD black and white skin; then “Feral Children” where we watched Oksana the Russian girl adopted by wild dogs bark and clean herself under a fireplug on all fours.

I had to go before watching the touching story of “The Boy Whose Face Fell Off” and “Flesh Eating Tumors” but believe me I was upset to miss them. Thank you The Learning Channel. I really did learn a lot that day!

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