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Stuck on You

I will be attending this:
(by the way, the first person author of the show info is not me, it is Six Feet Under Writer Jill Soloway)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
9:00 PM
Tiny Ladies Extravaganza
From the good people who brought you Cupcake, Elizabeth Merrick and I present chapters from the book read by me plus Lili Taylor, Six Feet’s Lauren Ambrose, Molly Shannon, SNL’s Amy Poehler, Jodi Lennon and Jackie Hoffman. Music by Stickerbook. Fun will be had, books will be sold and signed.

Mo Pitkins
34 Avenue A

I got a copy of Jill Soloway’s new book
and it is hilario. It’s eerie when you read things you wish you had written or contain thoughts only you think you have thought. Her book is just like that. You should check out one of her other readings this week in NYC or Boston, my Red Sox loving friends. Sadly Stickerbook will not be taking their rainbow tourbus of delight to Boston, this is their only show.

As an aside, my own stickerbook had a lot of holograms and scratch and sniffs. I love anything that smells like fake popcorn. Yum. I would take weekly trips to the Acton sticker depot known as Party Papers Plus, supplier of all my adhesive needs, to buy new stickers and it was pretty competitive among the girls in my class to get nice ones that would make each other jealous. I loved my fuzzy Care Bear stickers and could easily spend a small fortune on oilies. They changed colors! I still dream about running my finger over my unicorn oily sticker and watching the green/black/purple toxic liquid delight me with its pretty swirls.