Return of If I worked for the NY Post, sort of.

It’s been too long since I have made up punny headlines but in that long hiatus I realized that many of my punny headlines can also be used as punny fictionalized sitcom titles as well. I realized this as a result of the Channel 102 craze that is sweeping across Digital Video Camera Owning New York. It seems that no one in my circle of friends and enemies can have a conversation without saying “I’m going to write that idea into a 102” or “I should probably do a 102 but I just haven’t decided what to write yet" or “Why has no one asked me to be in a 102 yet?”. Ergo, in the vein of past If I worked at the NY Post entries, I bring you “If I were a pitching a punny titled sitcom”.

Lift and Separate – British elevator operator is recently divorced and seeks love before her doors close.

The Sweet Smell of 6 S – Everyone in the Overlook Apartments knows something is cooking on the sixth floor. Why it’s a young Betty Crocker! This 50s throwback follows the life and times of a young girl who dreams of nothing more than creating the perfect pie and finding the perfect man.

Open Mike – Stand up comic preferably named Mike deals with work, love and that trivial pursuit known as life.

Red Zinger – Stand up comic from Cold War Russia deals with work, love and that trivial pursuit known as life.
Raindrops Keep Fallin’on Mahed – Indian man gets downsized from his job in Calcutta, relocates to Seattle.

Too Many Cooks Spoil Deb Roth – Young Debra Roth is orphaned. She gets taken in and subsequently overloved in wacky hourlong drama set at Culinary Institute of America.

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