Crash: A Haiku

I saw the Paul “It’s what’s for dinner in Scotland” Haggis film “Crash” last night. I GET its message but I didn’t like the whole rest of it. IN-TENSE! By the end, EVERYONE was racist and the bad guys learned a lesson and no one was happy. Probably least happy of all was Sandra Bullock’s Hispanic maid Maria who was berated by Sandy throughout the film. But then, upon Sandy’s life changing fall down a half flight of stairs and subsequent realization that her friends all suck, Sandy says “Maria, you’re the best friend I’ve got” (which I totally called her saying that) as if that should make Maria feel any better about getting paid to be a human scrubbing bubble inside this Brentwood house.
Thus, Crash the Haiku:

Many cars crashed, man-
y racists and one invis-
ibility cloak

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