P.S. I love you

I saw Capote last night and it was just…I don’t even know. So good. I was enveloped in it while I was watching. A haiku review won’t even do it justice so I won’t even try, because I would need 34 or even 68 syllables to emphasize its greatness. I loved this movie.

Philip Seymour Hoffman is my new hero. I liked him as Lester Bangs, I always thought he was pretty creepy in everything else. But now. Wow. Despite the fact that I usually only see about one of the movies that are nominated for best picture and best actor/actress each year and usually always root for that picture come Oscar season (Hotel Rwanda was robbed! Lost in Translation was robbed! Chicago was…um ok so Chicago made out ok, great!), this situation will be no different but it will also be true and I will not support any other films with such fervor as I plan to fervently support CAPOTE and no actor will be as convincing as P.S.H. was in this role. I loved this movie.

I feel a need at this time to interject that it a real coup and therefore coup-dos are in order for the makers of the film because we all know I am hard to please and the last time I have truly enjoyed a film was probably when I was Jack Lemmon’s plus one at the Some Like it Hot premiere. So I must re-emphasize that I loved this movie.

I have also decided that I am going to move to the year 1960 so I can be a part of the literati and hang out in dark oak paneled bars uptown while ice clinks in my glass and the sophisticates and socialites I call my friends all laugh at my dry witticisms. I loved this movie.


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