Censored for my parents: “Welcome to the O.C. (where I assure you, you will not be too big for your) B(r)itches!”

I love the O.C. Has anyone seen this show? HAHAHAHA. I kid. But actually I hadn’t seen it before, so I don’t kid. I started watching season 1 on DVD. I love Adam Brody! I love Benjamin McKenzie! I really love Peter Gallagher and I especially love his eyebrows! I don’t even hate Mischa Barton!

This is the thing about me in case you’ve lost your copy of “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Who Are Me”…I don’t catch on to things until like 3 years after they were cool. I expect to really discover a love for the Arcade Fire sometime in 2007, so at least now I can forecast my interests since I am at least aware of this particular Habit of Effectiveness. But so yeah, I’m totally into the O.C. and not just because it has a fair amount of pop-culture references and clever banter. I’m in love with the Cohen family. I love them. I hope I’mm not foreshadowing something bad by saying that, don’ttellmedon’ttellmelalalalalaIdon’twanttoknowifanythingbadhappenstotheCohensinSeasonsTwoOrThree! Let me just enjoy the rest of Season One for now, I am ignorant to the fact that there might be even more fistfights with Luke, charity benefits on yachts, or substance abuse by one particular waiflike Neutrogena spokesperson. And that, much like a rich Newport kid never having been to Chino, is bliss.

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