The Master of My Universe

Is it me or is every girl a magnet for guys who love comic books/superheroes/alternate universes? I was almost going to say something about this triumvirate of dorkiness being like kryptonite to me, but I know that does nothing to help my cynical case against you all. I don’t plan to make too much fun because supposing you are the only guys I CAN attract I don’t want to alienate my chances with you all (and if ever a sentence reeked of desperation and “settling” that would be it), but truthfully, I don’t get it. I can respect your appreciation for them, hopefully the way YOU, Potential Suitor, can respect my need for OK! Magazine and emotional eating, but what IS the fascination?

It’s not for a lack of trying to “get it” on my part. I watched Lord of the Rings for goodness sake. TEN hours, people. I spent TEN hours watching this Middle Earth doodoo in the hopes that it would make me more desirable to you because I know who Aragorn is now. But I don’t care! Ten hours and I don’t even know what those two gay hobbits who were stuck in the tree were named. I’m sorry that I failed you, Potential Suitors. I was almost going to make a joke about guys who listen to Emo as well as liking comics and how Emo stands for Emotionally Retarded, but that’s not fair. In the Venn Diagram of dorkiness, not all Emo boys are comic book boys so I would hate to make sweeping generalizations. But seriously, I just wanted you to know that these obsessions handicap you all.

(Call me!!)

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