A Girl’s Best Friend

A girls best friend I took a sick day yesterday and caught up on the real loves of my life – TV and magazines. I was reading Vanity Fair and found an ad that I am in love with. Luxury jeweler and diamanoid cutter Michael Beaudry creates art beautiful enough to wear with pieces like these:
Maybe classy. I don't know. If Talbots knocks them off then you know it's classy I guess. When I worked at Talbots (did you all know that I worked at Talbots? yes, even after I got my college degree, I worked at Talbots) we had a bin of jewelry called “David Yurman knockoffs” because Talbots is only for the most refined women whose husbands finance their wardrobe but only to a certain degree. The David Yurman knockoff bin was like the Canal Street of the Burlington Mall. ANYway. Michael the Diamonique-Cutter Beaudry has an ad in Vanity Fair which I am certain is geared toward every mom who has ever been featured (and tried to steal focus from her daugher) on MTV’s “My Sweet Sixteen” or any woman from Staten Island whose home was purchased in cash with funds from her husband’s sanitation company. Ahem:

A note to all my Potential Suitors make sure when you buy me jewels, the Four C’s of diamonds (Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat, of course) accentuate the Four C’s of Me: Cleavage, ‘Crylics, Camel Lights and Coke, Diet.

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