Fifty Cent, Peace

In America. You know it, the movie where the Irish family moves to America to escape a tragic life and then meet a tragic guy in their tragic building and then The Corrs play a tragic song. When that movie came out and was subsequently nominated for an Oscar for best original screenplay, it was a known fact that director Jim Sheridan wrote the screenplay with his two daughters and it was loosely based on their own lives. The line between fact and fiction was blurred though for some people because dear friend, we will call him Clef Killer, couldn’t wrap his Lipnicki-like 8 pound head around the fact that the two little girls from the film actually WROTE what they were starring in. And at such tender young ages!

After discussing the fact that they were actors, not actually related to Jim Sheridan, and probably would have been about 4 and 6 when the screenplay was written, it made a little more sense. The movie was written my Jim Sheridan’s real daughters, not the girls who were loosely based on his daughters, who, again, would have been 4 and 6 and probably would not even know how to use papa Jim’s copy of Final Draft Pro in order to contribute. You know…Had they been his real daughters. Who wrote a screenplay. At the ages of 4 and 6.

(I love you Clef Killer – don’t be mad. I have a point. No I dont.)

So Jim Sheridan is also responsible for another semi autobiographical film that’s being released today, Fiddy Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ which, aside from Sheridan’s involvement, has little to do with In America. But I present some hilarioso comments from the thoughtful, engaging reviewers of IMDB. (I love IMDB commenters so so much):

I think 50 should stay with his singing career and stop waisting me and other peoples time.

some of you guys don’t know what real street is, you can better watch movies like shriek, harry potter, finding memo and sh*t like that.

It is 100% pile of steamy crap with corn and flies. The script was if it was written by someone in the third grade.

By the way: I haven’t liked 50 cent since “In Da Club”, but this movie has changed that somewhat. I respect where he came from, and his new tracks are hot.

watched my own private screening this evening (i work at a movie theater as a projectionist, so i just canceled dreamer lol)

do not listen to the critics on this movie unless its ebert

Not making this next one up:
Get Reich or Die Trying
I have seen several black films and I must say that I think this one is the best I have seen in a long time. The movie sucks you in and takes your breath until it lives you in tears.

Funny, that’s exactly how I feel too right now.

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