My Wish List is Slightly Less Amazonian

To all of you who are keeping track of my wishlist, I’ll have you know that one item has been purchased!! So come all ye gift givers, get on the bandwagon like that first person did and buy me stuff. (In the spirit of full disclosure, um, I am the first purchaser of said present because I’ve been really well behaved this week, HOWEVER, the fact is I still got the ball rolling and it just might behoove our friendship if you joined in the spirit of giving.)

I would really like to thank myself for buying myself Nada Surf’s Let Go and I think myself really knows myself well to know that I wanted this. Do not judge me, I have told you all a million times I am 3 years behind the cool kid times, so this is right on schedule.

Also, I don’t mean to harp on the wishlist, it’s just that its been a good week and I have little to complain about so greed is my default setting when “complaint” mode is shut off. You might want to print this page out, those of you who would someday like to reference the time I said “I have nothing to complain about” and use that as proof that I was once happy. For if there is one certain thing in this world it is that I will surely complain again. And if there are two things, there’s that and also, Oprah should be like, president.

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