I’m going to poop my Worldwide Pants

Due to a freak accident, fate, a well-placed birthday and some “connections” I get to go to a taping of David Letterman tomorrow. Which is cool.

Hey friends from high school, remember how one summer we saw a full gallon of milk lying on the ground in a parking lot and ran it over with Becky’s car and it exploded in a lactic tidal wave because Dave did it on that Primetime Special that Becky used to make us watch over and over? Ok, so that probably was one of the funniest things we ever did ever. BUT listen! Tomorrow. Letterman. That’s cool and all but do you all know who the guest on Letterman is tomorrow?
Oh right, IT’S OPRAH.
She of the Angel Network, the Book Club, the Favorite Things! I feel a little like the Amy Poehler character in the Oprah SNL sketch whose head exploded:
Head Explosion

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    • Becky
    • December 1st, 2005

    As I recall, it was more of a Dairy Tsunami… But yes, it was probably the funiest thing we ever did… EVER!!! Besides sledding, and making fun of Tom all those times, and stalking Jason Hilton outside of the theater, and that creepy guy that rode away in the back of that pickup truck after we saw Clueless.

    I’m jealous you get to see my dad on his show… Maybe you’ll get Big Ass Ham! You get a Ham! You get a Ham. Everybody gets a Ham. Everybody gets a Ham!

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