Tennis Anyone?

I saw Match Point this weekend which means that I need to give it to you all straight up, haiku review style. Let it be known that I didn’t like it so much, although Jeff II did. I have a problem articulating why I don’t like tales of moral debauchery, other than to just say they make me feel icky. That’s why I didn’t like The Apartment, and apparently if you dont like The Apartment there is something wrong with you. So either I have major emotional problems or an unshakeable moral code that even celluloid must adhere to. Which sort of sounds like the same thing when you type it out like this.

Oh, and this is a minor spoiler alert. I guess. But maybe not if you watch enough Access Hollywood and stuff.

Tennis and murder!
We should call it Love/and Death!
HA! Advantage me.


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  1. Yes. Something is wrong with you if you don’t like “The Apartment.”

    • liz
    • January 10th, 2006

    Thanks, Tony! You’re a peach!

    Also, I just realized I used the Spanish language poster of Match Point, or should I say, Punto del Juego. Lo siento!

    • Michael
    • January 11th, 2006

    Not to be your bete noir but how did your “unshakeable moral code” figure into the MTA card decision? Your serve (hee-hee).

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