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The lede I was going to use for this entry was “I am obsessed!” but of course, since it’s me who is talking it would actually be more like “I am obsessed, you guys!”. But actually since I am not 100% honest-to-goodness obsessed I’m not going to start with that. So:

I am mildly fascinated, you guys! With GRAMMAR! Let me first begin to say that when I was younger and had a stickerbook, which you may remember me talking about in a previous post, I had a page of school-related stickers with sayings like “Is it 3:30 yet?!” and “My Favorite Class is Recess” and the most relevant “I Love Grammar…Grampar’s Great Too”. Come on! To a third grader thats comedy! Well, really, to a third grader who re-enacted Church of Latter Day Saints’ commercials in front of an attentive audience of Boglins and Pillow People , that was comedy.

But it’s true. I do love grammar. I have always tried at the very least to be an accurate speller, which hopefully acts as a Band-Aid to cover my rampant, over, use of, commas. I took no steps to correct that comma thing because I was lazy and the sloppiness never bothered me. I assumed that to be diligent about whether you place your apostrophe before or after an “s” was enough. But then I was introduced to Bill Walsh. After reading Bill’s book , I feel that it is my duty to perform some side-of-the-information-superhighway community service and clean shit up in the blogosphere. Give me one of those little stabby poles and a mess of split infinitives and call me Rory Gilmore after she stole that boat with Logan and her fancy-pants lawyer couldn’t get her off so she had to perform 300 hours of this stuff. My blog is going to be spotless, with nary an extraneous ellipse or capitalization.


See, I’m not very good at editing yet. There is a lot I have to learn. But the simple fact is that I think I am dorking out on it. That happens to me sometimes, mainly on things I learned in sixth through twelfth grade, which is why I patiently waited over a year after starting this blog to find the absolute right place to put in a Fibonacci sequence joke. I embroidered a pair of socks with Avogadro’s Number on them in high school because we were celebrating Mole Day in chemistry (October 23rd, for you keeping track, since a mole is 6 x 10 to the 23rd power). I love anything having to do with pangea and I bought the Kaiser Chief’s album because of the line “drifting apart like a plate tectonic”. But I have favored math and science jokes for far too long and now I am plan to re-learn English.

It’s fun in a weird way and I think this means Bill is like the new Mr. Wizard to me, making learning easy to digest. And of course this is all well AND good (I think? let me see what Bill says about those modifiers) and language is most def my new BFF, but recess will always be my favorite subject.

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  1. That’s “October”.

    Lynn Bixenspan, Professional Copy Editor
    (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

    • liz
    • January 18th, 2006

    heh heh! That was totally a test! Lynn wins! Octover is like, not even a month.

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