Gilmore girls? More like Henry Hill-more girls.

Last night’s Gilmore Girls left me torn. Love? Hate? Love? Hate? How do I feel? I just don’t know anymore. The show retained all the references and pop commentary I hold so dear: Reno 911! Taboo on Broadway! Poet Christopher Isherwood!…?

But I am also the first to admit that the whole Luke/Lorelai wedding postponement due to Luke’s illegitimate child storyline doesn’t sit well with me and smells of a shark that has recently been jumped. And Paris and Sookie’s characters went the way of Sylvester Stallone last night, that’s to say just a smidge over the top. And Babette and Miss Patty and the entire rest of Star’s Hollow gawking at Luke and his daughter through the window of the soda shoppe with no regard for Lorelai’s feelings was weird because although Babette and Miss Patty are the town gossips, it seemed out of character even for them. So the pace of the show was manic. Maybe even bi-polar. But the final ten minutes? Basically, it looked like writer Amy Sherman-Palladino and director Kenny Ortega channeled Martin Scorcese during the last third of Goodfellas. No, Ror and Lor weren’t coked up and didn’t end up in a witness relocation program but they were hopped up on martinis, trying to escape the wrath of Hartford’s Most Tempermental Parents. The WB’s description of the episode doesn’t really do the whip-round camera shots and mile-a-minute screaming fights any justice.

“The subsequent Friday night dinner erupts into an emotional confrontation where all four Gilmores finally get their issues out on the table. “

Well, sure. If those issues were from their subscription to Crazy Rich Folk Monthly and they were placed on a table of delicate but manipulative emotions with one wobbly leg that has a wadded up piece of hysteria jammed under it. It was nuts! I adore this show but last night, Stars Hollow turned into Crazy Town and not in the good way:

More commentary on the Girls found here. (thanks, stan!) Hm. Husbands and Wives. I haven’t seen it in so long, I didn’t think of it.

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  1. Those last 10 minutes were AWEsome. Yes, with a capital AWE.

    I’m with you on the whole Luke-Lorelai thing. I love them as a couple, and I liked that it seemed that, for once, a couple on Gilmore Girls was going to have a completely normal relationship. I’m not real happy with the diversion.

    However, they’ve managed to make Logan almost likeable in the past 2 episodes, and that is amazing. I still think that Rory and her super bangs should end up with a complete dork at the end of the series, but Logan doesn’t make me hate him right now.

  2. It’s amazing that I no longer hate Logan. Smarmy, yes, but so devoted. The money also helps. I could use a coffee cart.

    I agree about Paris being over the top. She’s not usually so caricature-like. And what happened to Doyle? Not that I care about him, but did I miss the plot line where he fell off a cliff?

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