This President’s Day haiku ate my baby

I celebrated my niece’s first birthday by going to Massachusetts and partying hard with a handful of kids in the under-two set. And then I watched prooobably the worst movie you can watch after attending a one-year-old baby’s birthday, A Cry In The Dark, a movie about a dead baby. Meryl Streep and Sam Neill play Seventh Day Adventists whose baby may or may not have been eaten by a wild animal while they vacationed at Ayer’s Rock in the Northern Territory of Australia. This movie has one of the most famous lines on film [insert no-longer-topical Kate Moss joke] and I’m shocked that I hadn’t seen it before.


The dingo should have
eaten Meryl’s hair stylist
and not her baby.

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    • michael
    • February 21st, 2006

    Alas, the dingo really did eat her baby. The film was based on an excellent, heartbreaking book called–if I remember correctly–Evil Angels. A year or two later, the baby’s snuggly was found in the desert near Ayer’s Rock, stiff with dried blood and inside out, like a banana that had been peeled. So the poor mother was jailed merely for being different.

    • liz
    • February 21st, 2006

    Oh yes, she was acquitted in the end. Don’t want anyone to think I’m anti-Seventh-Day-Adventist or anything, the dingo really did make a meal of her bubby. The film mentioned how the fancily-named “marquis matinee jacket” the baby wore was recovered years later at the rock. I also don’t want anyone to lose sight of the real crime here – people, look at that hair!

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