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This Recess is indoors- but it lacks all the nerds playing the Oregon Trail

I will be in this show tonight at 7pm at the PIT! Yay!
Come out! Enjoy the weather! Come get margaritas after!

Urine luck when you take Punk Rope!

Glennis and I are workout buddies despite never having worked out together. We have planned yoga trips and Pilates classes and free, week-long gym membership exchanges for months, years even, and they have never resulted in us actually doing anything physical. But that changed this week when we finally, finally went to Punk Rope.


I have been reading about Punk Rope (a.k.a. “recess on steroids”, complete with relay races and crab-walks but sadly, no log rolls) forever and had been wanting to try it because, lets face it, there are too few exercise classes that emphasize the importance of Joe Strummer to your physical well-being. And there are too few exercise instructors that tell you how Shane McGowan can sing an entire song with a glass of beer balanced on his head. We had so much fun and also ran into Punk Rope devotee Dan, designer of our Celebutantes postcard. My calves still feel the burn even after three days and toward the end of the class the jumping got so intense that Glennis and I looked at each other and said simultaneously “I think I just peed a little” – what other exercise class delivers THOSE results?

A new favorite thing

Vontrapped the Blog was launched earlier this month, it’s a new endeavor by my good friend Freulien Maria. Check out all her Favorite Things updates in Salzburg and beyond!


Haiku Review: Thank You For Smoking

Thursday night I went to dinner with friends, one who I hadn’t seen in a very long time and I mentioned that I hated Crash. My old friend told me she actually loved it and asked what kind of movies I actually did like, if Crash wasn’t my bag. At that point all my other friends, helpful lot that they are, chimed in with “Well, didn’t you also not like Match Point?” and “But I thought you did like The Exorcism of Emily Rose?” (It wasn’t bad! It wasn’t good either but…) and “You don’t even like Peter Sellers!” (Not entirely true, I just don’t like Being There). My taste is ecelctic but awesome, I think, that’s really the only way to describe it.

My Cinema Companion and I caught a Friday night showing of Thank You For Smoking which boils all my cinematic preferences down nicely. Funny and satirical and political and great. Accordingly, the first haiku review in a while:

Thank You For Smoking


D.C. spin doctors
turn vices into virtues.
Thanks, First Amendment!

Too much light makes me need to adjust my attitude

I have been trying to get out of an all-or-nothing rut in my life. The way I think, there are only two options for all things, basically boiled down and reduced to a nice consomm√ɬ© of “good” or “bad”. For example, considering myself “successful” or “unsuccessful” based on crazy high standards I have for my career goals. Or loving or hating something – a movie, a TV show, a book. My life leaves little room for gray area. And randomly, my office was cleaning out stacks of old magazines and I found a year-old Real Simple magazine that had an article about how not to see life in black and white terms, so even the magazine gods are trying to tell me to stop being rigid. I even struggle with this blog, lord help me. But it’s true: I emotionally struggle with a blog. What do I want it to say about me? Should it ONLY display my hilariosity or should I show people that I also have a poetic soul that cries in the night and wants to change the course of humanity? Will people accept my puns as an art form or will they be judged horribly? Eh. To that I can only say, if you don’t like the way I blog, stay off the sidewalk! See? It’s that kind of statement I worry about making because it only further proves my dorkiness. But also, I’m making that into a bumper sticker for subscribers of WordPress to put on their computers. “My Other Blog is a Broom” sticker comes free with purchase!

Having a narrow view of life is limiting, but I bet you people with a healthy outlook on life knew that. I have just always thought it necessary to give things labels instead of just letting them roll and happen and organically just be. Healthy, no? I am a label whore. Michael of Kors I Hated Crash. Marc Jacobviously I am a Failure. This is especially difficult for me when it comes to comedy because I have super high standards, for both what I create and for what I watch. Of course no one person can be a fair judge for everything but as I write that sentence I realize that that assessment of life is one that I have yet to actually accept. If someone were to say that aloud to me I’d brush it off with a pat to their arm and a dismissive “Ohhhh-ho-KAY”. Creativity is subjective and exists because it is judge-able, though. Isn’t that the point?

Last Friday I saw Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, whose goal was to showcase 30 plays in 60 minutes. At the top of the show, one of the cast members described what we were going to see and explained that not every play was funny, not every play was dramatic, not every play was even good, but he encouraged us to take away from the show what we wanted. While in a way that felt like a disclaimer, it was what I, as an audience member needed to hear. I went in thinking I was seeing a comedy show (how black and white of me to think a show can only be comedy or drama), had I continued to think that way I would have been disappointed.
I always think of when dramatic actors say “It’s so much harder to do comedy than drama”. Maybe. But what they don’t know is that it’s harder for an audience member to watch comedy than to watch drama. The expectations are higher. You, the performer, expect an audible reaction and sometimes we can’t live up to that expectation. I appreciated the dramatic and visual scenes from this show for that reason – they were obviously not trying to be funny and they worked. Some of the scenes were monologues about personal lives or politics, some wordless physical movements (whose value should never be underestimated), and some were just musical freakouts that took place beyond the theatrical fourth wall (a wall that was down for the entire show).

I think many writers and directors work a clear angle of humor or tragedy, black or white, whatever, and Too Much Light snuggles into all those angles, whichever ones they happen to be feeling when they write their material. There was a huge gray scale of variety which doesn’t often happen often in most shows. While sometimes the gray seems muddy as a result of some jokes trying to force their way in , it never stays that way for long, there’s no time for that in this show. The next scene has already started and it’s an entirely different shade.

Everyone wants the last piece…

V for

Curry in a Hurry

Today, reported on Katie Couric’s possible successor on the Today Show, should Katie take a new job as CBS Evening News anchor. Of course Ann Curry’s name was thrown around but what stopped me in my morning-show-watching tracks was what followed Ann’s name.

“, 49”.

God bless! The entire “cast” of the Today show drives me bonkers in a way that can only be described as “Friends and Hootie” (there are better examples to use but I think those references ably describe not only what genre of person they are, but also how I am stuck in the mid-1990’s as a result of an emotional-growth-stunting high school experience) and Ann is no exception. But you can’t deny that for a 49-year-old she looks phenomenal. When I thought she was in her 30’s I could not have cared less, but now that I know she is 49 I want to know all the secrets she stores behind the newsdesk.


I googled “Ann Curry age” because as we all know, is only loosely Associated to real Press, and doesn’t have the reputation for fact-checking that you’d hope it would. So her Wikipedia entry does verify that she is 49 but Wikipedia is not the only resource for information about our Ann. There are blogs and message boards dedicated to her and because we live in a shallow, wonderful world, few of them actually reference her work, opting instead to discuss her looks. Can you imagine?!

By far my favorite board was the one with a thread devoted entirely to her hair. I have excerpted the best posts below (truth is far more hilarious than fiction so none of these have been doctored):

I do like Ann’s hair a lot with that length, and i agree it’s shiny and healthy. I do wish that instead of just letting it hang straight and somewhat flat, she’d cut it into an actual style, especially given that there are so many good sexy styles for long hair right now with flips, curls, and waves. Having it long just to sit there seems a bit of a waste. I like it brushed back in those pix though!

I think Ann would be misguided to even *think* about ever getting her hair cut shorter. I watch little morning TV, but I saw her while at the shore this week. The woman looks ten times as beautiful as she did five years ago.

-Don’t wish to burst the bubble here but I found this:
New York, November 8, 2004 – Media Leadership
Ann Curry, award-winning news anchor from the “Today Show” and NBC news correspondent, was honored with the Media Leadership Award in recognition of her impact on breast cancer awareness and education. Ann was personally touched by breast cancer when her sister was diagnosed with the disease in 1998, and since then she has dedicated personal and professional time to spreading awareness and education. Curry has addressed the issue of breast cancer at numerous public events, served on the board of national breast cancer organization, and has supported programs and organizations such as Women at Risk, the online breast cancer “Talking Dictionary,”, and At present, she and her young daughter are making a personal contribution to the cause: both are growing their hair so it can be donated to an organization that provides wigs for cancer patients.

Ann Curry looks WONDERFUL with her long hair. It is a shame that organizations like “Locks of Love” even exist. I hope she changes her mind. It will be a sad day for NBC and it will make me not want to watch her. Anyways, last week she wore a terrific bun which was captured and posted in the “buns” Yahoo group.

So to sum up what we learned today, we still don’t know who will succeed America’s Journalist Sweetheart on the Today Show, Ann Curry has some serious beauty tricks up her old-ass sleeves, there’s a crazy wig-hata out there, and there is a Yahoo Group devoted entirely to buns. I can’t wait to find out what I learn tomorrow (morning, on Today)!