Curry in a Hurry

Today, reported on Katie Couric’s possible successor on the Today Show, should Katie take a new job as CBS Evening News anchor. Of course Ann Curry’s name was thrown around but what stopped me in my morning-show-watching tracks was what followed Ann’s name.

“, 49”.

God bless! The entire “cast” of the Today show drives me bonkers in a way that can only be described as “Friends and Hootie” (there are better examples to use but I think those references ably describe not only what genre of person they are, but also how I am stuck in the mid-1990’s as a result of an emotional-growth-stunting high school experience) and Ann is no exception. But you can’t deny that for a 49-year-old she looks phenomenal. When I thought she was in her 30’s I could not have cared less, but now that I know she is 49 I want to know all the secrets she stores behind the newsdesk.


I googled “Ann Curry age” because as we all know, is only loosely Associated to real Press, and doesn’t have the reputation for fact-checking that you’d hope it would. So her Wikipedia entry does verify that she is 49 but Wikipedia is not the only resource for information about our Ann. There are blogs and message boards dedicated to her and because we live in a shallow, wonderful world, few of them actually reference her work, opting instead to discuss her looks. Can you imagine?!

By far my favorite board was the one with a thread devoted entirely to her hair. I have excerpted the best posts below (truth is far more hilarious than fiction so none of these have been doctored):

I do like Ann’s hair a lot with that length, and i agree it’s shiny and healthy. I do wish that instead of just letting it hang straight and somewhat flat, she’d cut it into an actual style, especially given that there are so many good sexy styles for long hair right now with flips, curls, and waves. Having it long just to sit there seems a bit of a waste. I like it brushed back in those pix though!

I think Ann would be misguided to even *think* about ever getting her hair cut shorter. I watch little morning TV, but I saw her while at the shore this week. The woman looks ten times as beautiful as she did five years ago.

-Don’t wish to burst the bubble here but I found this:
New York, November 8, 2004 – Media Leadership
Ann Curry, award-winning news anchor from the “Today Show” and NBC news correspondent, was honored with the Media Leadership Award in recognition of her impact on breast cancer awareness and education. Ann was personally touched by breast cancer when her sister was diagnosed with the disease in 1998, and since then she has dedicated personal and professional time to spreading awareness and education. Curry has addressed the issue of breast cancer at numerous public events, served on the board of national breast cancer organization, and has supported programs and organizations such as Women at Risk, the online breast cancer “Talking Dictionary,”, and At present, she and her young daughter are making a personal contribution to the cause: both are growing their hair so it can be donated to an organization that provides wigs for cancer patients.

Ann Curry looks WONDERFUL with her long hair. It is a shame that organizations like “Locks of Love” even exist. I hope she changes her mind. It will be a sad day for NBC and it will make me not want to watch her. Anyways, last week she wore a terrific bun which was captured and posted in the “buns” Yahoo group.

So to sum up what we learned today, we still don’t know who will succeed America’s Journalist Sweetheart on the Today Show, Ann Curry has some serious beauty tricks up her old-ass sleeves, there’s a crazy wig-hata out there, and there is a Yahoo Group devoted entirely to buns. I can’t wait to find out what I learn tomorrow (morning, on Today)!

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  1. I found the yahoo group:

    No spam unless it’s related to hair, people!

    At first I typed in just “buns” and found a bunch of groups full of people obsessed with buns & butts. That was fun.

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