Haiku Review: Thank You For Smoking

Thursday night I went to dinner with friends, one who I hadn’t seen in a very long time and I mentioned that I hated Crash. My old friend told me she actually loved it and asked what kind of movies I actually did like, if Crash wasn’t my bag. At that point all my other friends, helpful lot that they are, chimed in with “Well, didn’t you also not like Match Point?” and “But I thought you did like The Exorcism of Emily Rose?” (It wasn’t bad! It wasn’t good either but…) and “You don’t even like Peter Sellers!” (Not entirely true, I just don’t like Being There). My taste is ecelctic but awesome, I think, that’s really the only way to describe it.

My Cinema Companion and I caught a Friday night showing of Thank You For Smoking which boils all my cinematic preferences down nicely. Funny and satirical and political and great. Accordingly, the first haiku review in a while:

Thank You For Smoking


D.C. spin doctors
turn vices into virtues.
Thanks, First Amendment!

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