Urine luck when you take Punk Rope!

Glennis and I are workout buddies despite never having worked out together. We have planned yoga trips and Pilates classes and free, week-long gym membership exchanges for months, years even, and they have never resulted in us actually doing anything physical. But that changed this week when we finally, finally went to Punk Rope.


I have been reading about Punk Rope (a.k.a. “recess on steroids”, complete with relay races and crab-walks but sadly, no log rolls) forever and had been wanting to try it because, lets face it, there are too few exercise classes that emphasize the importance of Joe Strummer to your physical well-being. And there are too few exercise instructors that tell you how Shane McGowan can sing an entire song with a glass of beer balanced on his head. We had so much fun and also ran into Punk Rope devotee Dan, designer of our Celebutantes postcard. My calves still feel the burn even after three days and toward the end of the class the jumping got so intense that Glennis and I looked at each other and said simultaneously “I think I just peed a little” – what other exercise class delivers THOSE results?

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    • Mia
    • March 24th, 2006

    Jumproping makes me pee too, but let’s face it, we’re going to be 60 in about 33 years.

  1. haha, the post and the comment both made me giggle. i still giggle at “pee pee” and i’m almost 60. gah

  2. So glad you guys came to class and hope you come back. Peeing and rope jumping go well together. Spread the word. Who knows, the class could become THE place to go for Golden Shower devotees. 🙂

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