More sitcom pitches…if I worked at the NY Post

If creating a new sitcom were as easy as running with a punny title that is essentially a one-trick pony, I would be…a really good sitcom maker. In the spirit of posts past, I continue with “If I were pitching a punny titled sitcom”:

A young Austrian boy named Chad takes pleasure when those around him fail. When he befriends an unconventional psychiatrist in turn of the century Vienna, he realizes where his problems really lie. In his pants. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to NBC’s Tuesday night lineup Chad N ‘ Freud.

Medieval Italian author Dante Alighieri discovers a time machine that transports him to modern day California where he runs a successful air conditioner store in Dante’s In Fresno.

The Jackson family lost their father Arthur in a tragic paintball accident. Lucky for them, they can still communicate with him from the great beyond. Filling the gaping hole Will and Grace leaves behind on NBC is Our Father, Art, In Heaven.

Tony Danza plays an Italian guy from Brooklyn named Tony in this ABC midseason replacement, One-Trick Tony.

Loretta Ippee is a lot of things, but a cook ain’t one of them! But leave it to Loretta to win Top Chef and get her own show about how not to cook! Premiering after the Project Runway season finale this fall on Bravo is Mrs. Ippee, Burning.

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  1. MARRY ME!!

    is that weird?

    • liz
    • May 18th, 2006

    It is a little weird. I dont know. Maeby.

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