No sleep till Breukelen

My dear History Buff Companion and I really know how to party. He has a copy of the Encyclopedia of New York City , a comprehensive list of everything from A tree that grows in Brooklyn to Liza with a Z and we decided that there was no better time to read the entire thing than 11pm on Friday. We did get a wee bit sleepy at 2am, but not before we learned all about how Aaron Burr married a hooker (and they impeached Bill Clinton??), Midtown used to be known as The Tenderloin (hee!), and Marble Hill is a neighborhood in the Bronx that has a 212 area code. Not to out-do the book or get off-topic, but my cell phone also has a 212 area code, making me a constant source of amazement for new contacts, and a constant source of confusion for delivery people. Just in case there is ever an entry for Black, Liz, you know the pertinent info.

The most giggle-inducing part of the book was a map of Ye Olde Timey Breukelen that had the original names for my borough’s neighborhoods. This really would have come in handy back when that ObserverBrooklyn Civil War article came out – North Brooklyn Hipsters vs. their Southern counterparts, because both Williamsburg and Cobble Hill’s original names are worthy ammo for the opposition.
Cobble Hill was formerly known as Punkiesberg, and Williamsburg did business as…wait for it…Cripplebush. Dutch people are amazing, first of all, and second of all, damn the real estate agents who insisted on changing these names to make the neighborhoods more appealing! Spacious, light-filled 2BR, 1 Out House with monthly horse parking spot and roof access included. In, where? Oh, Cripplebush? I don’t think so, I’m a bit more literate than that, thanks but no thanks, Citi van der Habitats.

Look out Neighborhoodies, I am armed with hilarity and history and I’m visiting soon.


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    • Mia
    • July 14th, 2006

    I used to live in the Dutch Kills, aka Long Island City, area of Queens, right across from Dutch Kills Playground. For rizls.

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