Labor Day Haikus!

A six-day weekend and only four movies watched. Kind of a failure of a weekend, I say. The rest of the time I was outdoors walking around, breathing fresh air and (do not tell any of my family or fellow native Massholes) taking in a Staten Island Yankees Vs. Oneonta Tigers game. I can’t believe I actually clap, clap, clap-clap-clapped after “Let’s go Yankees!” It was a momentary lapse of judgement, just some minor league pity! That’s all! While I could probably fill half a dozen haikus with lush descriptions and anecdotes of Scooter the Staten Island Yankee, that’s just not what I do. On to the reel poetry…

Little Miss Sunshine

Greg Kinnear is a
Man with a Van and a daugh-
ter who moves and shakes.

Downfall downfall

Nothing says “Happy
Labor Day!” like the final
days of The Fuhrer.

24 Hour Party People

Sigh. My new-wave dream
come true. Where Mondays were both
so Happy and Blue.

Working Girl mel

She had a head for
business, a bod for sin, and
a voice for neither.

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    • Raz
    • September 7th, 2006

    TOTALLY watched Working Girl on AMC Monday too!
    The marathon was called… “That Girl Has Issues” Marathon. Other such movies featured: When a Man Loves an Alcoholic-er Woman and The Other Sister (which chris calls The painfully uncomfortable moments movie”
    I LOVE labor day!

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