A Really Convenient Truth.

I went to a preview for an amazing show at Ars Nova called Truth last night. No, wait. Let me say first that My Theatre Companion is a saint who gets dragged around as my plus-one to all sorts of events, most of which are too bad to sit through yet don’t offer an intermission to silently slip out during. Those events are the low points in our relationship, the things that are held against me or used as barter that I apparently still need to pay back. On top of that terrible track record, Truth was our second theatrical event in one day. And when we got there they said it was two hours with no intermission. At this point, I started feeling guilty, not because I thought it would be unbearable, just because that’s my natural reaction whenever he and I become members of an audience. The theatre is the place where I gamble with my relationship and I am about one Fringe Festival away from losing it all.

Truth was the show that won him back, friends. My Theatre Companion and I sat there for two hours but it felt like ten minutes, it was so good. Mike Daisey is a writer and monologuist, a word that I’m still not sure has a hard “G” sound or not. I kept thinking during his show “Wow, this guy is like The New Yorker meets Gawker”, come to find out, every bit of press he gets describes him as “a cross between __ and __” or “so-and-so meets whatshisface” so hooray for unoriginal thinking! But of all the press he’s gotten, my description of him is like what The Seattle Times said about him mixed with what the Village Voice thinks of him.

In part of his show, he describes some students in a storytelling class he taught as having a need to wrap their stories up neatly at the end. The whole “That was the summer I learned the meaning of true friendship” kind of ending that most elementary school book reports end with, but that you should try to avoid as a grown-up. So to prove that I learned something from his show, I’m not going to end this the way I normally would. You know, by writing something like “This show was great and that’s the Truth” or “Truth be told. . .Thursdays and Saturdays in October!”. Everyone, but writers and solo performers especially, should see this show. It makes me want to not write crap. If everyone sees it, maybe we’ll all be inspired to not write crap and, in some small way, that will make the world a better place.

And that’s really how I’m ending it. It’s killing me, but it’s how I’m ending it.


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