Grocery stores are probably by favorite places to shop. As much as I love H&M and T.J. Maxx, I could spend more time picking out cheese, discovering a new brand of polenta or impulse buying tabbouleh in mass quanitities than I could looking at clothes. I loved Fairway, despite the crowds and overall bad attitudes of customers, and I still love Trader Joes, despite the crowds and tainted bagged spinach, but my favorite place to shop is Sahadi’s. Sahadi’s is on Atlantic Avenue which is also my favorite street. On one end, you’ve got your Target for buying Choxie and BAM for proving you like smart things, on the other you’ve got your Magnetic Field with fun trivia nights and cheap beer, and your Middle Eastern emporiums for buying hummus by the bucketful. Even when I lived in Manhattan though, I would come back to Brooklyn to shop at Sahadi’s. It’s the type of place I go not just to get stuff, but to feel like a real Brooklynite. A Brooklynite who loves her grape leaves, bulk spices and domestic feta. Which is why I’m so glad the Voice included owner Charlie Sahadi in its Best Of section this year.

I seriously love him!

Years ago, my daughter had a dance recital. It started at 7:30. At 7:05,
I’m locking the door to the store, and this guy shows up and says he came all this way,
and he’s begging me to let him shop. He says he was going to spend $300.
I said, “I’m sorry, but if you were going to spend $30,000, it wouldn’t matter.
My daughter’s in a dance recital.”

Photo from The Village Voice

  1. June 20th, 2008
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