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What is “An awesome way to spend a Saturday night?”


My Jeopardy-Filled Life.

I love Jeopardy! Wait. I think I mean “I love Jeopardy!” ! The ! is a trademark after all. I love Jeopardy! so much that for a high school Spanish project, Julie Rasku and I created an entire game called ¡Jeopardia! to test our classmates’ knowledge of the book on tape La Guitarra Misteriosa, or perhaps it was Los Secretos de Familia, no puedo remember. But it was pretty..¿como se dice?…awesome.

Pretty much any night that I’m home at 7pm, I watch the Trebek, followed by the Sajak and the Vanna. I am pretty okay at Jeopardy! but I am a savant at Wheel. I have no other marketable skills except for punning and guessing phrases based on only knowing 2 letters within the phrase. Roomate Jeff has actually looked up what it would to take to get me on Wheel, but competition is fierce. You know how Nutball Vincent from Project Runway keeps harping on how he cashed in his 401Krazy to get on the show? People do that just to AUDITION for Wheel of Fortune. There’s an actual disclaimer on their site that says potential contestants should not spend money to travel to an audition because chances are that slim that they will not be picked to be a contestant. But anyway. As many enterprises as Merv Griffin has, Jeopardy! is my favorite. So I was pretty psyched that Celebrity Jeopardy! was not only going to be filmed in New York, but that I, someone who geeks out not just for answers phrased as questions, but for A, B, C and D-listers alike, could get tickets for FREE. You could have, too if you wanted to. Thousands of other people did.

My Trebek Companion, Glennis, Glennis’ mom and I went this past weekend to Radio City to partake in the dork-tivities and seriously, it was so fun. I won’t give anything away, but I will say that the celebrities included a Soprano, a Jordan Crosser and an A & E Biographer. But that’s all I’ll say. The show airs November 17th. Look for me, I’ll be in the front row of the balcony. The look on my face will be a cross between sheer delight to share the same air as Trebek, and hate for the kids behind me who, despite being told to stay quiet because the Jeopardy! microphones pick up even the tiniest pin drop, still tried to answer questions. Fun fact: despite being an avid fan of the show, Sammy Davis, Jr. never participated in Celebrity Jeopardy! because he didn’t think he was smart enough. Sad! But then again, if Sinatra is your BFF, I think you don’t really need syndicated game show validation.

P.S. If you have been fast-forwarding through the commercials on that DVR’d episode of Lost, don’t worry. Glennis and I have been working hard to inform you of all the corporate excess you are missing out on.


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