Glennis and I are girl-music loving girly girls. If we had known each other during my Ani DiFranco-Tori Amos-following high school days, we would have embraced our sensitive, girl power selves and cried into our hemp necklaces and rape whistles. Now we just do the New York equivalent of that, which is whine on IM and go shopping before heading out to see a music show. We saw the incomparably adorable Jenny Lewis a few weeks ago and this past Monday we saw the ever cheeky Lady Sovereign at Bowery Ballroom. She seemed irritated with the audience, but for the right reasons. Lame, quiet audiences do suck. New York should be more interesting. But instead of giving a bland performance because she was annoyed, she told us that we needed to step it up a little. At one point she even fake passed out onstage and after a moment of the audience milling around waiting for her to get up, she was like “I could have been dead and none of you cared!” But really, we were just too excited to hear “Hoodie”, so you can’t blame us.

My favorite part of the night was when Glennis and I realized that even though doors were at 8pm, Lady Sov wouldn’t be going on till 11. So bright and early we realize we have our pick of almost any seat in the house, so we head to the tables on the balcony. There was a couple at the very first table toward the front, and we asked a guy at the second table back if we could share it with him, and he was nice enough to say yes. At about 9pm, a security guard came to inform the couple at Table 1 that, regretfully, they had to move because that table was reserved for an agent. They protested for good reason – there was no sign on the table, they were the first people to arrive and deserved a seat more than “people who got there later” (at which point they actually point at Glennis and me, and we start mouthing a fake conversation back and forth so we couldn’t possibly acknowledge or feel guilt for their situation because we kinda wanted our seats). So Table 1 guy asks to speak to a manager. He’s annoyed but his girlfriend is, how you say? Superannoyed. The security guard had felt bad about the situation but the manager…not so much. Table 1 guy said “I get that we have to move but what are you going to do for us? We want free drinks.” And girlfriend is chiming in about having worked on her feet all day, blah blah. Which is when the human explosion of a manager started screaming at them to get up and pelted them with a barrage of interesting comments like “This is not Macy’s so the customer is not always right!” and “Don’t even GO there. Oh, you WENT there? Ok well now I’m bringin’ you BACK”. Which, although completely unwarranted, did the job and even made Table 1 Couple cower with fear and apologies. The agent didn’t even show up until after 11 and stayed for 4 songs. So while it is a horribly unfair situation for Table 1, maybe karma will come back and give them presents. In the meantime, enjoy the picture I took from balcony jail.

My very first digital picture taken at any show ever.

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