Be: Present

My birthday is less than a month away and I don’t think it’s too early to start talking about the Amazon Wish List. It sits tight all year over in the right-hand margin, just waiting to be updated and viewed and this year, I know this will disappoint you all, there is no 20 lb. wheel of cheese on it. But there are plenty of other gifts you can get me. You can even pool your money together to get me one big gift, as I have seen to it that there are a few of those on there. But you can also get me a bunch of little small things, there are some of those too.

What do I do if there are gifts that I want that are not on Amazon? Why, I post them here. Now. For you. To Consider. Putting on your credit card. Now. For your (or was it my?) delight, here is a smattering of all the adorable things you can choose from:






New addition, I just found this thing of beauty on the Target site….what house is complete without an illuminated beverage fountain? Perhaps a better question is, will it hold liquid chocolate?


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