Ho Ho Ho!!

In response to the question “What’s a gal with too much time on her hands, some watercolors , and a pack of Worst Case Scenario Handbook postcards to do, anyway?” The answer is “Make Christmas cards.”

If I had a line of real cards, I might call them Seasonally Affected Cards or something else hilarious…but since I don’t, you can consider these an offshoot of my unconventional sense of whimsy. Or something.

And so, lucky friends, if your kiss is on my list you will be lucky enough to get one of the very special, very circa ’99 cards I have made this year.





    • Mia
    • November 30th, 2006

    Thank you Liz, my grandmother is coming for christmas and I may need to jump off the roof or hide in the basement (under a heavy piece of furniture). Happy Holidays!

  1. I got mine today and I love it!!

    Also, I don’t know how i missed this before, but did you know that the name of my play was How I Ruined Everything? Like the subject of one of your sections? Well, now you do.

    • liz
    • December 5th, 2006

    Wow! That’s weird Natasha…Maybe subconsciously I stole it from you! I made that category when I started realizing that I tend to turn even the most beautiful, nice things into fart jokes.

  2. Coincidentally, that’s exactly what my play was about.

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