If Celebrities’ Adopted Babies Had Indie Rock Bands

Who doesn’t love KEXP and CMJ and NME and all the other letters in the world that mean you’re on the cutting edge of musical hipness? No one. No one doesn’t love being in the know. Especially not cute little babies that get adopted by celebrities. In fact, just by the very nature of their instant-celeb status, they are automatically cooler than everyone else. Which is why I think it’s no surprise that these kids are all hip enough that they are starting cover bands of their favorite musical outfits.

Madonna’s controversial adoptee, David Banda, loves emotional, atmospheric rock, hence his tribute, Banda Horses.

Zahara Jolie, the second child of the Bran-clan, loves Swedish girl-pop. Can you blame her? Which is why she’s teaming up with sister Shiloh to form Zahara Hotnights. That is, when lil’ sis isn’t busy fronting her French cover-cover band, Shiloh Nouvel(le) Vague.


Meg Ryan’s daughter, Daisy True, a huge fan of Gorillaz, is putting her best foot forward with plans for a new group, Demon Daisy. Looking forward to some feel good times with that one!


What with Sharon Stone and Rosie O’Donnell each having 3 adopted kids, there are more than enough of them to start banging the drums and spreading the love with the Stone Rosies. And with that, Elizabeth my dear, it’s curtains for me.

Happy New Year!

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