Low Res

I spent my whole 2006 resolving to not be a performer, and here it is 2007 and by January 12th, I will have been involved in 3 shows. So it looks like my resolutions are really only good for one calendar year. Last week, I performed in Glennis and Kate’s “Always the Bridesmaid…Scaring the Bride”, thank you to both people who attended, by the way. And this week I’ll be in Mortified on Wednesday at 8pm at Makor, and a story I wrote will be performed at the PIT this Friday at 11pm. I won’t actually be in this show because I will be in Massachusetts, but how about you stop getting technical about things?

I did not resolve to write in the blog every day, as you can see. But in the meantime, here’s a picture I took from the Circle Line tour last Sunday. It’s relevant to this post because it has low resolution.


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