Offbeaten to a pulp

Thank God for’s Offbeat News section. As if the CNN website wasn’t laughable enough with its lack of spell-checking, fact-checking and news-checking, they created a category that consolidates all the world’s most ridiculous stories in one easy location. This week features a story about a a man who returned a book to a library – only the book’s due date was in 1960! And of course, where do you think I found the Virgin Birth Gorilla story? It’s chock full o’ nuts, that page. Stupid, unnecessary nuts.

Today I noticed an excellent story about how Muslim-Australian women have developed “Burkinis”, modest swimwear that still covers the head and body, but is body skimming enough to allow for swimming and even surfing. Women who once could only go to the beach and spectate can now go in the water in a “full-length lycra suit with hijab head-covering [that] is not too figure hugging to embarrass, but is tight enough to allow its wearer to swim freely. ”

Coming soon to the Offbeat section…and in-depth look at boxer-brieferhosen, die Ãœnderpants that are taking Germany by storm, Kimonoveralls, for the Japanese girl who works on the farm, and the Kilteedo, for the Scotsman who wants to display his tartan in a banana hammock while competitively swimming.

  1. I have tried boxer-briefhosen. They hurt my gurgenfuekel when they ride up my brikenstolf. And beside, we all know they aren’t made for men who are hung like a olgenshatz.

    • Mia
    • January 25th, 2007

    So many ridicuouls news links!

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