Though he hates gays, his fetish is feet in mouths

Grey’s Anatomy star in rehab…Homophobe Rehab.

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) — Isaiah Washington, who does the healing as a doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy,” is the patient now.

He’s in therapy for his use of an anti-gay slur against a castmate.

“With the support of my family and friends, I have begun counseling. I regard this as a necessary step toward understanding why I did what I did and making sure it never happens again,” Washington said in a statement Wednesday. “I appreciate the fact that I have been given this opportunity and I remain committed to transforming my negative actions into positive results, personally and professionally.”


Dear Diary,
Diary sounds so formal. Do you mind if I call you Jake?
Anyway, it’s me, Isaiah Washington, and it’s day 1 of me in therapy. I love it here. I love that I get to come to a spa to work on my “issues”. I still hate faggots today.

Dear Jake,
It’s Isaiah. Day 2 of ‘Mo Love Camp. I’m still a hata, but the doctors have taught me a valuable lesson that if I want to work in Hollywood, I should probably get used to them.

Dear Jake,
It’s Isaiah. Day 3 and boy am I GLAAD I only have 2 days left! See what I did there? I showed my tolerance toward a group of people I find morally and physically repulsive. I even met with that group’s leaders to show how good I can hide that repulsion I feel. See? I’m a good actor. I can totally kick Jamie Foxx’s ass, why is he so famous anyway? I should have been in Dreamgirls instead of him. Except, wait. Who loves Dreamgirls more than the fairies?

Dear Jake,
It’s Isaiah. We had quiche today at lunch. I didn’t find that funny.

Dear Jake,
It’s Isaiah. Today is the last day of camp! I can’t wait to get out of here. You know what I can wait for? Having to be in the presence of my gaywad co-worker. I’m not mad though, I got to spend the week at a spa with a pool. Only, the thing is, I have to pretend at least until my feelings are really provoked that I don’t care that gay people exist. That might be hard. I also had to sign a paper that said that if I lay a hand on Patrick Dempsey ever again, I will be fired. I think Patrick is worried that his career might go on another 20-year hiatus. I hate Patrick Dempsey almost as much as I (still!) hate homosexuals. This spa has been fun! I learned that even though I will never rid myself of bad feelings, it’s bad for my career to talk into a microphone at the Golden Globes. But come on! The Golden Globes are lame, someone had to liven them up. I mean, Tom Hanks Blah Blah Blah Warren Beatty’s balls. We get it. YAWN. Wait, no! I never called the Golden Globes lame! Oh man! Oh well, I guess that just bought me a week at Golden Globe Insensitivity Camp. Sweet!

    • Dad
    • January 26th, 2007

    I think a week at rehab for Osama and W would solve the world’s problems. Well maybe we need something else for global warming. But what the heck. World peace is not a bad start!!

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