If I Pitched Sitcoms to the New York Post Returns!

I try to come up with these punny sitcoms on a daily basis and sometimes I’ll think of one and decide one is not enough for a blockbuster blog post – you know, the kind I’m internationally known to write – and after all, my fans deserve a full throttle, best foot forward attempt from me. So here it is, my best foot forward.

Nero and Farrow – Film star Mia Farrow goes back in time, only to meet and fall in love with Roman emperor Nero. Together, they adopt 12 children and hold Gladiator events each week, pitting child against child in a survival of the fittest.

One Nation, Underdog – A reality show in which a black, handicapped, Jewish lesbian runs for President of the United States.

Yo, Keira Taco Bell! – British screen siren Kiera Knightley has had it up to here with the BIZ. When she falls in love with the heir to the Taco Bell empire, Julio Taco Bell, she gives up a life of glamour to make chalupas at one of the franchise’s downtown LA outlets and hilarity…and sometimes life lessons…ensue.

Don’t Get Your Panties in a Bundchen – Victoria’s Secret model Gisele Bundchen (and Tom Brady arm candy) hosts a Punk’d-like prank show where she finds annoying ways to irritate her model friends on camera. Once they have had it up to here, she jumps out from behind a giant cardboard cut out thong and yells “Relax! Don’ Get You Pannies ehn a Bundchen!” Series pulled after Naomi Campbell sees all shades of red and hits Gisele in the head with a Swarovski crystal encrusted phone.

The Godfather of Seoul – The Korean mafia is still up to it’s crazy antics, thanks to its man in charge. The current godfather of organized crime is a man with a passion for living outside the law, a love for his family and a lust for kimchi. On FX midseason.

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