George Bush? Are you a YouTube commenter now?

As the existence of this blog proves, I am often bored and/or underutilized at work. So I was browsing YouTube clips and found one of the SAG Awards where the Grey’s Anatomy woman won the ACTOR for Best Female Performance or whatever the crap the SAG people call it. Roommate Jeff, in his unending quest to fabulosify me, actually had the SAG Awards on on Sunday, so I watched it already. We were DVRing both the SAG Awards and Grease: You’re the One That I Want that night, so any options for hetero-centric programming were out of the question and I opted for SAG because the last time we watched You’re the One That I Want we ended up singing “Hopelessly Devoted” afterward on Oxygen On-Demand Karaoke into real microphones that Jeff happens to own. Because why wouldn’t you have real microphones lying around? One karaoke thing led to another and we had the time of our lives while singing “I’ve Had the Time of My Life”, even though when I was in the 5th grade I actually was annoyed because the historical inaccuracy of it being included in Dirty Dancing rocked my foundation, since it was not possible for Baby and Johnny to dance to it in 1963 when it was recorded in 1987. There are many things you could label the 10-year-old me, I prefer to go with “detail-oriented” and leave it at that.

Anyway, SAG Awards. The Saggies. It wasn’t the Grey’s Anatomy lady’s speech that was awesome, it was this comment about the Youtube link itself that I loved:

I watched it because it was on the most viewed; but, how did it get there in the first place? My reason for watching it (watching it because it was on the most viewed) could not have propelled it to the most viewed because at one time in its existence it wasn’t viewed by a lot of people. Nothing starts out being the most viewed.

Brilliant in its repetitive simplicity. “Nothing starts out being the most viewed” might be the most true advice-slash-fortune cookie fortune ever. Remember those words, fledgling stars–unless you are a celebrity spawn, it’s the truth.

  1. Omigosh! I remember having that same super annoyance about Dirty Dancing when it came out too! I was really looking forward to the inevitable big dance finale which clearly should have been to some awesome little-known late-50s/early 60s tune, when suddenlyl this lame light FM crapsong came on and crushed my enjoyment almost completely. Even as a junior high schooler I knew things had gone seriously awry. I am glad to know I was not alone.

    • Winston
    • February 2nd, 2007

    Your daily life mystifies me…

  2. i so hear you on the dirty dancing decade inaccuracies. it’s frankly too maddening to watch if you like, are good at paying attention to shit. oh, sure, baby’s got a big 80s perm in the 60s. doubt it.

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