Chain Reaction. The first of many posts about the best day ever.

Last night Glennis, Kate and I were contestants on Chain Reaction. I was embarrassed to tell people at work that I was going to be on a game show for fear that I would look stupid/unattractive/fat, you know, the perfect storm of girl self-consciousness. It was maybe the funnest thing ever though and I loved it. I am legally not allowed to say a whole lot about the outcome of the game, but who cares because essentially it was a free way to get sandwiches and makeovers (we had hair and makeup people, people!). We got totally madeover and even had touch-ups as the show went on. I usually scoff when celebrities are in like, InStyle just lounging around their outdoor fire pit with their dogs and give quotes like “On weekends I never wear makeup, that’s when I allow my skin to breathe”. As someone who regularly uses concealer and gloss and not much else, I don’t think I need a day off from makeup, I never think “Ahh, Saturday, that’s when I take my skin vacation!” (Note: If ever I become a retired porn star, Skin Vacation is totally going to be the name of my autobio.)

But let me tell you, I washed and astringed my face twice last night and still couldn’t get all the makeup off. They pulled out all the stops because when I was waiting for the train, Game Show Companion actually said “Wow! They drew you eyebrows!” because the two wisps above my eyes hardly qualify as brows, I think. They stopped at nothing with the putting on of my face.(Note: My other retired porn star autobio would be My Brows Don’t Arch But My Back Does.)

It was worth it because I looked hot, obvs, but after I washed my face and still had raccoon eyes that looked like I was about to Goth-Serve someone in South Park, it was frustrating. And unfortunate that I have white towels.

Here’s us after filming, makeup intact and looking hottt:

Here is what I looked like after:
you just got goth served

goth liz

    • Steve
    • March 7th, 2011

    This episode just came on GSN, and you guys really kicked ass! I searched your names and found this site. You looked absolutely stunning and wanted to let you know, as un-creepily as possible.

    • Thanks, Steve! I applaud you for sitting through Oysters-rockefeller-center-field. We were so robbed at the end there.

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