No weak links in this chain

Have I mentioned that Chain Reaction was the funnest thing ever? I’m not sure if I made that clear in my last post about it. In order to even get on the show in the first place, we had to fill out several questionnaires about ourselves, you know, to ensure that we did not have the personalities of doorknobs and would make GOOD TV! But the problem was that we had to answer the same question over and over, it was just like “tell us something interesting about yourself” re-worded 20 ways. Do you have any special skills? Do you have any special talents? Do you have any special hobbies? Do your teammates have any of those things?

Not really, but thanks for re-asking me all those times. After a while, Kate, Glennis and I were sort of at our wit’s end (well, not really, since there is no limit to our wit). But we were annoyed because it’s hard to answer questions about yourself and try to keep sounding clever and wonderful. It was like setting up an online dating profile, only, if you did it well your date would be money instead of a human person. So after coming to that realization, we forged ahead. Then we came to a section not about ourselves, but about Chain Reaction host, Dylan Lane. If your Google-search for your name has brought you here, welcome, Dylan.

We tried to take it seriously, but at this point, it was like we couldn’t contain ourselves.

What are your thoughts on our host Dylan?

Replied Kate: He’s no Roger Lodge but he’d do in a pinch.

Replied Glennis: I find him foxy.

Replied Moi: I enjoy when contestants veer off into dirty mind territory with their guesses, and he seems to enjoy it too.

What do you think Dylan would find interesting about you?

Replied Glennis: That I find him foxy.

Replied Kate: That I know that I am not the first young thing to pit him against Roger Lodge. I also hope against hope that he was named after Dylan McKay.

Replied Moi: My nephew is also named Dylan and he thinks it’s interesting when I make fart sounds on my arm and give him wheelbarrow rides. What’s in a name? Hopefully the same interests.

Of course, what did they choose to talk to me about during the interview portion of the show? How I make fart sounds on my arm to entertain my 3-year-old nephew. Yes, America, your first national glimpse of me will be when you experience my thoughtful musings on farts.

I’m no stranger to the interview portion of the game show – it’s the main reason I even watch Jeopardy! at all, it makes the audience at home familiar with the contestants and can at times persuade them to root for one person over another. There have been many a time when a contestant with a story about mis-conjugating a verb in French and boy did their Parisian waiter have no patience, har har! has lost me entirely and by default I choose to root against them. Should you, the Chain Reaction audience at home, have a particular soft spot for farts, I just may be in luck. Air Date is a tentative March 27, audience!!


    • Jen
    • February 16th, 2007

    The lovely folks at ‘Million@ire” chose to exploit my interview with Nicolas Cage and tout it as “my best experience ever” when in actuality it merely ‘was.’

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