The mouse in the big house

Roommate Jeff has seen a mouse in our house. I wanted to let him think it was all in his head and that he was just seeing things, but honestly I saw one last year so I couldn’t in good conscience try to trick him, fun as it may be. Also, I saw mouse poo on the counter so that took whatever fun that might be had out of it for me. No one poos on MY counter. So I did the only thing I could think of, I set a trap, and not one of those Hav-a-Hart traps. In my opinion, those are nothing but a fun challenge for rodents: get trapped, hang out with a piece of cheese for a few hours, get released, repeat. It’s like a free dinner in a holding cell, kind of like a company party or a bad date. So I set a neck-snapping, old timey trap that is sure to scare the bejesus out of not only all mice everywhere, but out of me and Jeff too should we come home to find anything dead in it.

My favorite part of the trap is the packaging it came in. These Mouse-Guard brand traps which clearly set out do do one thing and one thing only, murder little animals, show a mouse in a jail cell crying. (Do mice even have time to cry when their spinal cords are severed from their brains?) But this packaging is so darn cute! If Sephora has taught me one thing, its that good packaging makes you want to buy things, hence why I own the CARGO Lipstick of mousetraps.


Bring it on, Mickey.

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