Amazing Brenda

Ever since we filmed a game show, I keep having these thoughts about what would happen if I was the type of person who couldn’t get over myself and the things I do. Like when TV Companion and I watch new favorite show 1 vs. 100 (seriously, it’s a good show), I think about the contestants and what makes them likeable and fun to watch. Last week, there was a supergay contestant who said that the reason he was so smart was because his dad bought him a set of encyclopedias as a kid once he realized his son was never going to be a football player. Awww. It was an adorable way to come out to the viewing audience. After watching that though, in my own head, I made up a scenario where the obnoxious version of me says “Well, in MY game show experience, I know I also took great care in deciding what kind of persona I projected.” This would be false, but I’m pretty sure that I would be amazing if I really said that out loud.

Last night when I was on the train home from work, there was a guy spread very wide across his seat on my right- so wide that I had to sit half with my butt on the seat but my body facing left because I couldn’t fit straight back, he was just kind of sprawled and spacious. Again, in my head I was thinking that I too was very broad, in fact, my massage therapist commented on my beautiful dancer-like lats at our last session. This too would be false. A more accurate depiction would be to say that once, a massage therapist commented that I had lats. But I love making up what I might say if I had a deluded sense of reality.

One person with such a sense of deluded self-awareness is the amazing Brenda Dickson. Kate told me and Glennis about Brenda and we couldn’t get enough of it, and then she managed to find this link that shows off Brenda in all her fabulous, surreal splendor. Welcome to Chez Brenda.

    • Reece
    • March 2nd, 2007

    I like the use of “False” very schrute of you. I am a person that cant get over myself. not that you didnt know that already.

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