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Chain Reaction. The final link.

Well, America. Here I am. Even though I’m a certifiable Chain Reaction winner, I haven’t forgotten my roots. I am a hundred-dollar-aire now and even though I’m sure this changes my tax bracket and puts me on lists with the likes of Bill Gates and princes from glamorous Middle Eastern-style countries, I’m keeping my job and my apartment and some of my friends. I have a heart, after all.

A few more tidbits about filming the show… (Hey, it’s a slow news month over on CNN. If it wasn’t, I’d have more varied topics to discuss.) When we took our places onstage, Glennis was centered between me and Kate and the producer gave her a box to stand on. Even though we are roughly the same height, I took this as an opportunity to mock her and call her all sorts of small-people nicknames that are neither polite nor politically correct. Then, Glennis, saucy minx that she is, started waving to host Dylan and was like “hiiii, Dylan!”, at which point, I called over to him and said “Haahaha! Whatever – she’s standing on a box! Hahaha!”.
Because I’m a good friend.
It was at this point that Dylan took his place onstage and stepped up…onto a box of his own. Now, since it’s the Easter season we will play a game called “Where’s the Egg?” – I’ll make it easy for you all, the egg was located on my face. Hear that, kids? It doesn’t pay to try and sabotage your friend’s potential love tryst with a basic-cable game show host to make your own shortcomings seem less short. (I don’t actually have shortcomings, I had to say that so Glennis wouldn’t be mad that I was making fun of her standing on a box!)

After murdering the competition in the first part of the show, breaking records like nobody’s business (I guess no other team ever swept 2 rounds straight without allowing the other team to score or some business like that) – look out Chain Reaction‘s Wikipedia page, our names are going to be sprawled across you in no time – we went on to the Bonus Round. Boy do the message board people at have a thing or two to say not only about this season’s revamped formula for the bonus round, but about our stupidity as a team. Thanks, anonymous game show lovers! I did go to college, but I didn’t major in asking a question by alternating every other word with a partner. I’m not THAT smart! Wow. One viewer from Central Jersey had this to say “So far it seems like the contestants are still the same types of pretty, obnoxious young people who don’t really have a grip on the game” Aww! He said I was pretty!
Another guy from Pennsylvania who thought he could do better than us wrote “Unfortunately, the contestants are still dumb. They still have the anti-climatic betting round, pretty much all the same. I don’t know how that BR could be LOST, and yet those women LOST!” Hey, he said I was dum–Is he talking about hit TV show LOST? I love that show!! I also love anti-climatic things ’cause I hate weather!

Game Show Companion says that when he reads things posted on message boards and blog comments it makes him sad about America. It makes me sad too. I mean come on – Kate and I may have formed a sentence that asked the question “What-Do-You-Trim-Dough-With?” and Glennis may have answered “A Lawnmower” but there’s no need for name calling. We are individuals with smarts and sass. Hardly stupid COOKIE CUTTER contestants, I say. I had fun. And that’s what life, or at least game shows, are all about.

THANK YOU BRANDON, for this amazing picture. Brandon snapped this off his tv when the show aired and he thinks it looks like Kate and I are praying over Glennis. Which we kinda were.