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I hate MySpace but I’m obsessed with it’s consequences.

I barely have 8 friends in the first place, but apparently you can have a Top 20 now instead of a Top 8. Is that new? A top 20! Seriously, who has 20 favorite friends? There are barely 20 people in this world that I find tolerable. But in New York Magazine a while back, someone wrote a letter to the editor saying that kids in school today come in all upset over the fact that they have been removed from their “friend’s” top 8 or top 20. Here’s a tip though, that’s not the internet’s fault. High school kids, and especially high school girls, will take anything personally, especially something that has to do with fragile teenage friendships. And I should know because I still have the emotional maturity of a 15 year old. Kids get all their crap done online now instead of late at night while whispering into their Swatch phones about how someone is taking someone else’s coveted crush to a dance and that’s a knife in the back but ohcrapIgottagomymom’scomingupthestairs! Or whatever. Not like I’d know.

The other thing I can’t understand about MySpace is people who use comments as a way to have a dialogue with their friends. A “comment” is like “I love your new picture!”. But on so many pages I see one-sided conversations like “I’ll keep you posted! We wont find out about it till tomorrow!” I’m not trying to be nosy, but if you’re posting that publicly, you better give us more information, vague commenter. What will we find out about? If you can go to camp, or the sex of your baby? What is it!?

I was looking up an old acquaintance from college who I’ve lost touch with but secretly stalk and found some of the post prolific yet vague comments on her page. One of her friends wrote “i contacted the D.A.’s office last monday to get those assault charges rollin…so far i just have to wait for them to call me back to get more info. i was told its probably best to wait until there is a guilty plea on the case before i move forward with suing the club for negligence and liability. then that way i have a more solid case against them. gawd!!! what a mess…”
What a mess indeed. It’s a mess that I don’t know more!!

Katina and I started posting intentionally vague comments to each other like “No, I know what you mean!” so that maybe we will catch the eye of someone nosy (like me) and throw them for a loop.
A food loop. (Roommate Jeff was in a Food Loop commercial once. Other than that there is no relevance.)

I don’t do anything else on MySpace except for make fun of people I don’t know, as you can see. It’s like a natural extension of myself. Look for my screenplay about it all soon….Mean g://URLs.