Field Music Interview

I got to interview Field Music for PopMatters back in March and the interview is finally posted! You may remember that back in January of 2006 I gave Field Music 3 and 3/4 out of 4 Cuddles-The-Mini-Seeing-Eye-Horses on a scale of adorability, so I was pretty excited to meet these guys. So excited that I let down my defenses and actually told them how charmed I was by them (insert all sorts of gushy compliments here), thereby destroying all my journalistic integrity and cool aloofness one in this particular field is probably supposed to have.

I was a little nervous during the interview because I borrowed Roommate Jeff’s iMemo or iNoteToSelf or whatever the recording thing is that you can attach to your iPod and I was paranoid that it wouldn’t work. Luckily it did work, I just have to remember to remove the interview from my iTunes. It’d be quite the party blunder if all of a sudden while my songs were playing randomly and “Don’t Stop Believin'” segues into “Test test…um…so, yeah, It’s nice to meet you – I’m really paranoid that this recorder won’t work, um so anyway like, you guys are musicians and stuff, huh?” That would be awkward city!
Anyway, enjoy!


    • David Brewis
    • May 14th, 2007

    I don’t know if we could ever be deserving of three out of four cuddles! I was just being vain searching for interesting Field Music comments on the web, and came across your blog and figured I should let you know that we’ve all had some time to get creative since we got back from the tour – I’ve got a few rough mixes up on if you have time to check them out. Just that really. Hope you’ve had more time to indulge in interviewing!

    Take care


    • liz
    • May 17th, 2007

    If you don’t deserve three out of four Cuddles, you definitely deserve four out of five kittens in a sock drawer. And there’s no shame in online self-research. Thank you for the link.
    Everyone else,
    Please listen to their music! You will thank me.


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